Air pollution and climate change are two of the greatest challenges of our time but they are also an opportunity to do better.

Endlessly innovative and a driver of change, the private sector is well-positioned to improve air quality. By devising solutions and providing low emissions technologies, goods, and services, businesses can help rebalance the relationship between humans and nature, and ensure clean air for all.

Our Campaign

The World Economic Forum has partnered with the UN Environment Programme to engage the private sector and garner commitments through its new Alliance for Clean Air. On 7 September, the Forum will host a dialogue with industry leaders and experts, discussing opportunities to scale progress on air pollution reduction; and best practices will be featured, over the next year.

This year on 7 September – the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies – pledge to reduce emissions, and invest in research and development to imagine new ways of doing business.

Learn more about what business can do to help achieve #CleanAirForAll, here.